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The NVLMCC was first organized in 2009 as the Veterans Law Appellate Advocacy Competition and is the nation’s premier moot court competition focusing on veterans law. Hosted every fall in Washington, D.C., the competition brings together teams of students from around the country to argue cutting edge veterans law issues before panels of distinguished practitioners and judges.

The NVLMCC prides itself on it authenticity of it problems and the quality of its judges. The record on appeal for each competition is highly detailed and the documents included look like the evidence that would be found in a real veterans law case. The judges for the briefs and the oral arguments are drawn from the ranks of experienced veterans law practitioners, which results in very realistic oral arguments. In particular, the final round of each NVLMCC has been judged by a panel of actual judges of the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims in the CAVC’s courtroom. Few, if any, moot court competitions can boast an experience that is so true to actual practice.

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The United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims is a national court of record, established under Article I of the Constitution of the United States. The Court has exclusive jurisdiction to provide judicial review of final decisions by the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, an entity within the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Court provides veterans an impartial judicial forum for review of administrative decisions by the Board of Veterans’ Appeals that are adverse to the veteran-appellant’s claim of entitlement to benefits for service-connected disabilities, survivor benefits and other benefits such as education payments and waiver of indebtedness. In furtherance of its mission, the Court also seeks to help ensure that all veterans have equal access to the Court and to promote public trust and confidence in the Court.


The Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Bar Association was created to improve and facilitate the administration of justice in the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. Its goal is to provide information and services to the community for those individuals interested in facilitating justice for veterans.

GW Law

Dedicated to promoting excellence among GW Law students, the George Washington University Law School Moot Court Board hosts numerous competitions throughout the year. Through their participations, students develop oral advocacy, legal research and writing skills that serve them well throughout their legal careers.

About Our Trophy Sponsor

Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program

The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program is an independent, charitable organization founded in 1992 that provides qualified veterans in need and their survivors access to legal representation free of charge. For 25 years, the Consortium has successfully represented veterans in their appeals process at the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court.