The 2022 National Veterans Law Moot Court Competition, which occured on November 5-6 in Washington, D.C., is pleased that it was able to host its full complement of 28 teams. Thanks to all for their interest and support.

First organized in 2009, the National Veterans Law Moot Court Competition (NVLMCC) is sponsored annually by the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC), the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Bar Association, and the George Washington University Law School (GW Law). The NVLMCC is the nation’s premier moot court focusing on veterans law. Hosted close to Veterans Day each fall in Washington, DC, the NVLMCC brings together teams of two students from around the country to argue cutting-edge veterans law issues before panels of distinguished practitioners and judges. The NVLMCC prides itself on the authenticity of the problems and the quality of its judges. The record on appeal and the documents included look like what would be found in a real veterans law case. The judges for the briefs and the oral arguments are drawn from the ranks of experienced veterans law practitioners. In particular, the final round of each NVLMCC is typically presided over by a panel of judges from the CAVC in their courtroom. Few moot court competitions can boast an experience that is so true to actual practice. We hope you will consider participating.

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